Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, especially when you start to look at all of the different options and prices that come along with the word wedding.  I am very excited to be planning my wedding and I am even more excited to continue to find wedding deals to help me stick to my very strict wedding budget. 

I hope to provide tips and advice I have found along the way to help you save money on your very special day.  Feel free to leave us a comment or question.

First, I would like to start off with asking you how much money would you have in 20 years if you would have saved your wedding budget instead of spending it on one day?  This question will help to put the wedding day in perspective.  Do you really need a fancy sit down meal?  Or would you like to retire a full year earlier?  It is important to understand what is important to you and your future spouse.  For me and my fiance, it is our future that is important to us and we continue to remind each other of this every time we make a financial decision for our wedding.

Where can you save money on a wedding budget?

Site – look for sites that cost very little to rent or if you are renting the site look for ones that include items that would offset the cost.  Our site includes all of the tables, chairs, place settings and much more for our rental cost.  This allows us to have a great wedding site for the same price as a free site that we would need to rent all of these items.

Food – Have your wedding at non meal times to help save money.  I attended an amazing wedding that was held at 11 am and offered light snacks and drinks.  This really helps cut down on food costs.  Also, check out restaurants that cater or offer food buffet style.

Dress – Consider buying the dress online or buying a used dress.  You will only wear this dress one day, how much money are you willing to spend on one day?

Centerpieces/Flowers – Pick flowers that are in season during your wedding or flowers that you can get locally.  Use something other than flowers, such as, candles, mirrors, etc. make great centerpieces.  Check out the dollar store or your local thrift store for great deals on centerpiece items.

Check out these sites for more great advice to help save on your wedding day:

Dave Ramsey

The Knot website

What have you done to help save during your special day?  Leave us a comment.

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