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Albertson’s gift card deal

This Christmas we need quite a few gift cards for gifts and Albertson’s has the best gift card deal I have found so far.  Buy $100 worth of gift cards and get $20 back to spend on your next shopping trip.  I am actually going to stock up on a few cards for places I normally spend money, since this will make them 20% off.

Have fun Christmas shopping!  Have you found any good deals to share?

My Albertson’s Trip

I made a special Albertson’s trip last night to grab a few canned goods for my early morning 10k run/food drive this morning.  It was a beautiful morning and the amazing ocean views on top of the bluffs made for a great run!  Anyone who has stopped reading because they are not at the ocean or they are buried in snow, I will be in the snow next week to see the family for the holidays.  I wanted to share some good deals and also ideas of how to help others, even on a budget.  (sorry no picture, I ran out of time)

Go here for Campbells coupons up to $15 of savings.

Campbells Tomato Soup 

Priced at $0.95 ea

Use $1/2 to make them $0.45 ea

Campbells Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup

Priced at $0.75 ea

Use $1/4 to make them $0.50 ea

S&W Beans

Price at $1.19 ea

Use Buy 2 get 1 coupon to make them $0.79 ea

Hunts Tomato Sauce 8 oz.

Price $0.55 ea

Use $1/3 coupon here to make them $0.22 ea

Did you find any great deals on canned food goods?  Leave us a comment.

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