Target Daily Deals

I am a very big fan of Target!  I stop by any chance I get.  My new favorite part of Target is the Daily Deals.  Today you can get a Wii remote for a discount.  Check back each day for something new.

November Rite Aid Video Value

November Rite Aid Video Value coupons are up!  Watch enough qualifying video’s to get a $4 off of $20.

Rite Aid Deals

I have been getting some great deals at Rite Aid over the last few weeks.  Today I had the following transaction:

1 Opti-Free Replenish Contact Solution $9.99

1 Lady Speed Stick $2.99

2 Finesse Products (Shampoo and Conditioner) $4.99 each

Use $3.00 off Opti Free Coupon from Rite Aid Weekly Ad

Use $1.00 off Opti Free Coupon from

Use $1.00 off Lady Speed Stick Coupon from Rite Aid Weekly Ad

Use $4 off $20 from Video Values at

Use $2.00 off Finesse product from Rite Aid Video Values

I was also able to use $3.00 of +Up rewards and the Finesse was buy one get one

Final total was $5.71 out of pocket

This was the best deal for the products I needed.  There are so many ways to make these transactions work for you.  See all of the Rite Aid deals here at The Coupon Project.


Sunday Only Los Angeles Times $0.19!

Go here to sign up for the Los Angeles Times and you can select Sunday only.  Use the coupon code 460024 to bring the price down to $0.19 per Sunday paper.  I just paid for a full year and my price was $9.89! 

There are ways to find free coupons by picking them up from coffee shops or getting them from friends and families.  But at $0.19 per paper, I just can’t beat it showing up at my door.

Fall is here!

Welcome back to the Savings Queens!  Brooke and I ended up both taking the summer off of blogging.  But I am back and even more energized to blog about savings again.  Now that we both have a full year of couponing and understanding the sales, we hope to have more advice for those interested.  I have also been creating new goals for myself, with the upcoming wedding, I will need to keep saving!

I also hope to focus on healthy food and meals, with the occansional yummy treat thrown in.  I will also be in need of a new car in the next year or two and need to focus on saving for the upcoming purchase.

Hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to send us questions or comments.


Free week of Yoga

I have always enjoyed yoga and I know that I am saving money in the future by taking care of myself today.  Now you can try yoga for free for one week (if a participating yoga studio is near you).  Check it out here to see if you can get a week for free.   Thanks you Fantabulously Frugal

Another place that I like to find free yoga is online.  Go here for Yoga Today’s free weekly yoga session. 

Where is your favorite place to get free yoga workouts?

Free 2011 Planner

I love planners and I love free planners even more.  Go here for a free 2011 planner.