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It doesn’t get much better than…free cheese!

My mom said cheese was one of my first words and to this day it is still one of my favorite foods.  Now through December 31 you can get free Alouette cheese with this rebate.  Happy Thanksgiving & enjoy your cheese!

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My Albertson’s Trip

I made a special Albertson’s trip last night to grab a few canned goods for my early morning 10k run/food drive this morning.  It was a beautiful morning and the amazing ocean views on top of the bluffs made for a great run!  Anyone who has stopped reading because they are not at the ocean or they are buried in snow, I will be in the snow next week to see the family for the holidays.  I wanted to share some good deals and also ideas of how to help others, even on a budget.  (sorry no picture, I ran out of time)

Go here for Campbells coupons up to $15 of savings.

Campbells Tomato Soup 

Priced at $0.95 ea

Use $1/2 to make them $0.45 ea

Campbells Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup

Priced at $0.75 ea

Use $1/4 to make them $0.50 ea

S&W Beans

Price at $1.19 ea

Use Buy 2 get 1 coupon to make them $0.79 ea

Hunts Tomato Sauce 8 oz.

Price $0.55 ea

Use $1/3 coupon here to make them $0.22 ea

Did you find any great deals on canned food goods?  Leave us a comment.

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