Springpad – Online Organizing

I read a post about Springpad on Fantabulously Frugal’s website and I was hooked after 30 seconds!  This is an online organizing site (my favorite word is organizing) and it allows you to save anything and everything online into your Springpad.  I think my favorite part is the recipe section and the ability to create lists.  The recipe section allows you to save a recipe and create a shopping list out of the ingredients.  I would highly suggest taking a few minutes to check it out and see if it is something that could help you.  Now when I find a recipe, I can just send it to my Springpad using “my favorites” and will be able to find it later.  Plus, I can create a shopping list throughout the entire week and when I am at the store, I can pull up the list on my phone with the app.  This is going to save me a lot of time searching for recipes each week and creating a list, only to forget it at home 🙂

Note: I have not been contacted by Springpad, I just absolutely love the site and wanted to share.  The more I learn about it, the more I will share.


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