Host a House Party

A couple months ago I saw a post about signing up to throw a Betty Crocker cookie mix house party.  I love entertaining, especially around the holidays, and have a newly remodeled kitchen so I signed up.  A few weeks later I received an email letting me know I had been selected to host a party.  I started using the website to invite my guests and loved the postings from other hosts sharing their party plans.  I decided that in addition to making cookies at the party it would be fun to have a cookie exchange. 

As a party host I received a party box which included:

  • Betty Crocker cookie magazine
  • 15 recipe cards
  • 15 red spoons
  • 15 cups
  • 15 napkins
  • $15 gift card
  • 15 sets of 10 cookie recipes with high value coupons
  • 15 magnetic notepads
  • Betty Crocker apron


It was fun to have the goodies to give away at the party and nice to have a little bit of money to help with the expense of throwing a party.  I just applied to host a Wii Fit House Party but it looks like they are no longer accepting applicants.  House Party is currently accepting applicants for the following:


They have other upcoming parties posted, although they are not yet accepting applications.  I am keeping my eye on the Ziploc Home Organization Party and the Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon Brunch. 

Posted by Brooke

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