Target Deals

It looks like Target has held over some of its great Thanksgiving food deals from last week. Here are a few of my favorites.


Del Monte canned vegetables for 45 cents each.  Use the Target coupon here to save an additional $1/6 cans making them just under 30 cents each.  Or get them for around 20 cents if you stack with a Del Monte coupon from the 11/15 Red Plum insert.

Crescent and other pillsbury rolls for $1.50.  I have not verified that the sale includes Grands but if it does use the $1/1 coupon here for 50 cent biscuits.  Use any number of coupons from previous newspaper inserts or or on crescent rolls and other Pillsbury products.

Stove top stuffing, Betty Crocker potatoes or Heinz gravy for 79 cents each.  Use $1/3 Heinz gravy coupon here to get it for just 46 cents each.  Use $.40/1 printable here to get Betty Crocker potatoes for just 39 cents each.

Remember you can stack one Target coupon with one manufacturer coupon for each item. You may run into employees that still don’t know this so print out a copy of Target’s coupon policy here and don’t give up.  I had two sales associates tell me I couldn’t use a Target and manufacturer coupon for Up & Monsters, Inc a couple weeks ago.  Their manager set them straight and when I went back to buy them again the same associate told me he used the same coupons after he saw me do it plus saved even more because of his employee discount. 

For all the Target deals this week check out Attention Target Shoppers’ blog here.

Happy Thanksgiving shopping and cooking!

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