Target Shopping Trip

Target 11.09

I spent quite a bit more than Autumn in her Rite Aid post below but I think I still got some pretty good deals at Target tonight.  All of the above cost under $10 out of pocket. 

Herbal Essences conditioner & styler- Free (coupon for free conditioner from become a Facebook fan and coupon for free styler with purchase of conditioner from the newspaper)

Busy Bones- $5.68 for 4 packs (used 2 BOGO coupons from )

Always Infiniti pads- Free (sign up for the Being Girl sample pack HERE and not only will you get great samples but a coupon for free pads)

Kotex pantiliners- $0.74 (Target & Kotex coupons from newspaper)

Glade candles & refills- $12.50 (used 5 buy 1 candle get 1 refill-printables, newspaper and store display- earned $5 Target gift card, can redeem rebate for $5)

Degree deodorant & body mist $.58 (used 2 $1.50 off manufacturer coupons- sorry, no prints left- and one $3 off Target coupon)

Dove Body Wash $1.50 (on sale plus used manufacturer coupon and Target coupons from newspaper)

Used $15 Gift cards (earned $5 tonight, $10 on a previous trip)

Check out more great Target deals HERE.

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