Rite Aid Shopping Trip – Only $0.71

 Here is what I was able to get today at Rite Aid:

 Rite Aid 11-9-09 (1)

(2) GE Reveal (4 pack) light bulbs        $4.00

Dawn Detergent                                           $0.99

Oral B Toothbrush                                     $2.99

Always Infinity Pads (18 ct.)                 $5.29

Scope Outlast                                              $4.69

Crest with Scope                                        $3.79  free with the purchase of Scope Outlast

Herbal Essence Shampoo                      $4.49 bogo

Herbal Essence Conditioner                 $4.49

I used the following coupons:

GE Reveal light bulbs                $1/1                   SS 11/1

GE Reveal light bulbs                $1.25/1            SS 11/1

Free Always Infinity Pads         Free                 Coupon in Mail

Free Herbal Essence Product    Free               Coupon in Mail

Dawn Detergent                              $0.25            SS 11/1

Scope Mouthwash                         $1.00            Printable Coupon (reached print limit)

Rite Aid Coupon                            $5/$20        Rite Aid Video Values

Single Check Rebates Available:

(2) GE Reveal light bulbs          $2.00

Oral B Toothbrush                       $2.99

 Total OOP: $0.71 after coupons and rebates.

Check out more great Rite Aid deals on Saving and Giving

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